Branding and Visual Identity for Entrepreneurs

branding and visual identity

The Brand makes capital for our companies. How to use our visual identity to position ourselves better and position our brand better? What is a brand’s treasure chest of symbols? 

Find out answers to these and more on a webinar organized by ACT Group. Zoom, Thursday, February 24th from 3:30 pm! Sign up here!

Why attend?

–> Engaging lecture!

–> Useful knowledge and tools you can use!

–> You get a downloadable guide!

The Lecturer

Ivana Castellano, an Argentinian-Croatian graphic Artist, Illustrator & Graphic Designer (FADU, UBA) with a demonstrated history of experience in different industries. She transforms ideas into visual universes and makes the imaginable visible through her own visual language, highlighting gestures, sensitivities, and emotions, intended to wake up positive feelings in others. Check her website!

Webinar je organiziran u sklopu programa podrške multikulturnim poduzetnicima/ama koji provodi ACT Grupa. Interreg projekt SEE ME IN osigurava potrebne resurse i mentorstvo za jačanje poslovanja i razvijanje njihovog multikulturalnog biznisa.


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