Deloitte published Social Investment Leveraging Index

The world’s pressing social problems cannot be solved neither by governments, philanthropists nor corporations on their own. Social investment brings diversity and innovation in funding solutions to societal challenges and by that helps to make the capital market more efficient.

In Central and Eastern European countries (CEE), social investment is becoming more and more important in nurturing and financing the growth of non-profits and social enterprises. These emerging markets have faced significant challenges in rebuilding their economies and social sectors simultaneously. Despite unprecedented fast integration with Western Europe, the process of transition revealed unaddressed social needs such as an aging population, inclusivity of vulnerable groups, disability, health issues, unemployment and many others.

The Deloitte Social Investment Leveraging Index (DSILI) developed by Deloitte in partnership with The European Venture Philanthropy Association – EVPA and Global Social Entrepreneurship Network – GSEN (that we are a member of) provides arguments on why supporting those service delivery organizations through social investment may yield significant social returns in Central and Eastern Europe. Showcasing the Social Investment Leverage across the four sub-regions in CEE (the Balkans, South Eastern Europe, the Baltics and the Visegrad Countries), this report argues that by investing in one of the countries of this region, one is contributing to the growth and development of an integrated Europe.

The ACT Group is listed as one of the key actors in the development of social innovations and investment in companies that generate social impact in the region (due to the acceleration, incubation and other support programs we are launching), and our member Social Cooperative Humana Nova has been selected as one of several case studies and examples of good practice that in the report illustrate the justification of investing in social influence.

At the end, the Report presents several concrete steps for potential private and institutional social investors to engage in developing a conducive social investment ecosystem.