ESCO - education for social cooperatives - new opportunities for people with disabilities

Development of new models and methods of work at the local/national level that will increase the employment opportunities of persons with disabilities in Međimurje County.

Support: Europska unija through IPA Program; Open Society Institute

Lead partner: Autonomous centar – ACT (ACT Group today)

Partners: Međimurje County; Association of Blind of Međimurje County; Association for Helping People with Mental Retardation in Međimurje County; Association of Physically Disabled of Međimurje; Society of dystrophic, disabled and cerebral paralysis and other physical disabilities Čakovec

Budget: 110.120,12

IPA cofinancing: 93.602,10 

Open Society Institute cofinancing: 16.518,02  €

Duration: 04.12.2010. – 04.12.2011.

Main result: around forty disabled people trained for 4 specific occupations through informal/formal education and quarterly professional practice. At the end of the project, the Social Cooperative Humana Nova was established and fundamentally equipped.