#GSEN2018, the Global Social Entrepreneurship Network annual event held in Canada

The key annual event of Global Social Entrepreneurship Network (GSEN), whose ACT Group is an active member, was held from 5-9 August in Toronto, Canada.

The program included a network members’ empowerment and capacity building session, the development of a network strategy for the next three years, including the development of concrete actions for each region (eg Europe, focusing on actions in South East Europe). We also had a chance to learn on Canadian models and good practice examples (by paying a visit to Center for Social Innovation, The Good Foot Delivery and MaRs, the largest innovation hub in the world) and the Canadian ecosystem for the development of social entrepreneurship (through a brief conference and several panels).

GSEN is the first network that is internationally engaged in the exchange of knowledge and experience in social entrepreneurship. It was initiated by UnLtd, the UK’s leading social support organization, with the support of the UK Government. The GSEN Network aims to enable faster development and networking of support organizations to social entrepreneurs, through joint learning and sharing of experiences, and raise awareness of the importance of developing social-practice practices worldwide.
The network currently brings together about 50 supporting organizations from about 50 countries from all 6 continents.