New Media Cross-Border

New Media Cross-Border - Transdisciplinarity and new media culture in the development of cross-border area


Creating a dynamic cross-border area with intense interactions between development actors and interested parties on both sides of the border in the area of new media culture, transdisciplinary art, sustainable development and new models of joint creation.

Program: OP SI-HR 2007-2013

Support: European union through European Regional Development Fund

Lead partner: Autonomous center – ACT (ACT Group today)

Partners: Association for Culture and Education KIBLA; ONEJ – Association of the Prekmurje initiative; Youth Association Varaždin Underground Club

EFRR cofinancing: 257.508,03 €

Duration: 01.04.2011. – 31.03.2013.

Main result: There were 10 festivals, 10 art interventions, 4 exhibitions, 4 conferences, 4 resident programs. Activities for 12 actors in the culture of the new media have been implemented, which by their engagement have actively contributed to the achievement of the general objective and have influenced the cross-border change of ideas, the development of new projects and the development of artistic and socially-engaged programs.

On the Waves of Volunteering

On the Waves of Volunteering - Infrastructure for Strong and Connected Communities

Increasing the capacity of volunteer organizers - CSOs and public institutions for the quality management of volunteering programs to improve services of general interest.

Program:OP Human Resources Development  2014-2020

Support: European union through European Social Fund; Government of the Republic of Croatia – Office for cooperation with CSOs

Lead partner: Volonterski centar Zagreb

Partners: ACT Group; Local Democracy Agency; Association for promotion of IT, culture and coexistance – IKS; Network of associations Zagor; Nursing Home Centar; Croatian Center for  Volunteering Development

Total project value and ESF financing: 697.924,69 Kn

Duration: 01.11.2017. – 31.05.2019.

Main result: strengthened capacity of volunteer organizers and built infrastructure for strong and connected communities



Development of e-learning platform and tools for social enterprise for work integration in order to be more efficient and more sustainable in the market.

Program: INTERREG Central Europe

Support: European union through European Fonda for Regional Development ; Government of the Republic of Croatia – Office for Cooperation with CSOs

Lead partner: Fondazione Politecnico Milano

Partners: Provincia Autonoma di Trento; Gruppo Cooperativo CGM; ENSIE – European Network of Social Integration Enterprises; ACT Grupa; Međimurska županija; Institut Ivo Pila; ITC – Innovation Technology Cluster Murska Sobota;  Mestna Občina Nova Gorica; School of Advanced Social Studies in Nova Gorica; ŠENT – Slovensko združenje za duševno zdravlje; SWR – Association for Regional Co-operation

Total project value: € 2.309.368,00

ERDF cofinancing: € 225.503,30

Government Office cofinancing: € 13.436,37

Duration: 01.07.2017. – 30.06.2020.

Main result:a participatory platform with educational modules and tools for use in the work of social enterprise for work integration



ESCO - education for social cooperatives - new opportunities for people with disabilities

Development of new models and methods of work at the local/national level that will increase the employment opportunities of persons with disabilities in Međimurje County.

Support: Europska unija through IPA Program; Open Society Institute

Lead partner: Autonomous centar – ACT (ACT Group today)

Partners: Međimurje County; Association of Blind of Međimurje County; Association for Helping People with Mental Retardation in Međimurje County; Association of Physically Disabled of Međimurje; Society of dystrophic, disabled and cerebral paralysis and other physical disabilities Čakovec

Budget: 110.120,12

IPA cofinancing: 93.602,10 

Open Society Institute cofinancing: 16.518,02  €

Duration: 04.12.2010. – 04.12.2011.

Main result: around forty disabled people trained for 4 specific occupations through informal/formal education and quarterly professional practice. At the end of the project, the Social Cooperative Humana Nova was established and fundamentally equipped.



Activating the natural and cultural potentials of the area to form an authentic tourist product.

Program: INTERREG V-A SI-HR (ugovor SLO-HR81)

Support: European union through European fund for Regional Development ; Government of the Republic of Croatia –
Office for Cooperation with NGOs

Lead partner: Mozaik, društvo za socialno vključenost so.p.

Partners: ACT Grupa, Združenje Center alternativne in avtonomne produkcije so.p., Lokalna akcijska grupa Međimurski dvori i bregi

Budget: 829.360,00 €

EFRD cofinancing: 704.956,00 €

Duration: 01.07.2017. – 31.12.2019.

Main result: multimodular cross-border tourism product with a sustainable marketing and management model.

Social Inclusion of Roma people through biodynamic agriculture

Social inclusion of Roma through biodynamic agriculture

Increasing the employability of Roma minority in Međimurje County and contributing to their social inclusion through creating a stimulating environment for labor integration and long-term employment.

Program: Human Resources Development

Support: Europeam union through IPA Program

Lead partner: Autonomous center – ACT (ACT Group today)

Partners: Association Rainbow Plus; Center for Social Care Čakovec; Croatian Employment Service – Regional Office Čakovec

Budget: 132.818,57 €

IPA HRD OP cofinancing: 119.536,71 €

Duration: 01.08.2013. – 01.08.2014.

Main result: 21 members of the Roma community educated for the biodynamic production of vegetables, fruits and collection and cultivation of medicinal herbs, 15 of them finished a quarterly practice. At the end of the project, the Social Agricultural Cooperative Home Garden was established and fundamentally equipped.