PNS Social Impact Report certified and internationally recognized

The “Start Something of Your Own ” program  (Pokreni nešto svoje, in Croatian) encourages projects with a positive social impact on the economy, society and the environment and responds to the needs of startups for advisory, business development and financial support. We have established and implemented it since 2016 in cooperation and with the financial support of Philip Morris Zagreb Ltd.

n the first year of the program (2016/2017), six projects were supported. Besides awarded grants ACT Group has provide continuous mentoring business support, mentoring in project implementation and efficient use of project results, project promotion through program campaign and social impact measurement of the projects.

A very strict school definition of social influence is the contribution that an organization creates through its activities, which includes a series of long-term effects on the community and the well-being of the individual. We may say that social influence is the story of the positive changes in the society created for us, our company, our organization, our activities.

Social impact measurment is a process that requires interaction between the organization and all its key stakeholders because it is important to hear from those who are experiencing (positive) changes in the process.

Social Return of Investment (SROI) is a method of social impact measurement that can be used to calculate how much social value is generated by using available resources (capital, time, infrastructure, etc…) during project implementation.

By measuring the social influence (done by our team member Sunčana Glavina Petričević) it was established that during the first year of implementation of SSoYO program (PNS), for every 1,00 Kn invested, 1.40 Kn of new social value was created.

The report (you can download it here) was certified by Social Value International, a global multisectoral and multidisciplinary network, present in 45 countries on all continents, aimed at measuring social impact and social value. The PNS Social Return of Investment Report is one of the first internationally certified SROI reports in the region.

The ACT Group will continue to measure the social impact of the PNS program and projects supported  in the second year (2017/2018), alumni in other support programs, as well as for all other stakeholders and actors of the social economy through the network Social Value Croatia that is about to be launched soon.

Because, as they explain in SVI, all too often key decisions about resources and policies are made using a limited economic concept of value, which fails to consider important effects on people and the environment. As the gap between rich and poor increases and the effects of climate change become more apparent, our work has never been more urgent.