Pop-up rural social-innovative hubs

The project through the cooperation of higher education institutions, civil society organizations, students and local people in the specific rural communities of Međimurje and Split-Dalmatia County develops, tests and validates an inclusive and participative program of socially beneficial learning in the field of sustainable rural development.

Program: Efficient Human Resources 2014-2020

Support: European Union through European Social Fund; Government of Croatia – Office for cooperation with CSOs

Lead partner: LAG Međimurski bregi i doli

Partneri: ACT Group, LAG Škoji, VERN University, Križevci College of Agriculture, Faculty of Organization and Informatics

Budget: 1.194.848,89 Kn

ESF cofinancing: 1.015.621,56 Kn

Duration: 19.03.2018. – 19.03.2020.

Main result:developed and tested methodology and models of pop-up rural hubs for social innovation and (micro) entrepreneurship

Web: www.ruralhubs.net; www.facebook.com/RuralniHubovi