Punk Entrepreneurs on Tour

The book “Punk Entrepreneurs” published on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of ACT Group shows a raising interest of general public and media recently. The book was partially funded through crowdfunding campaign by 300 people and organizations.  One can read an interview that author Robert Posavec gave for the Novosti magazine, Stjepan’s for the Poslovni Dnevnik or a talk that Igor, Stjepan and Robert had with the Nacional magazine journalist (all in Croatian, though).

We plan a whole series of book presentations and inspirational conversations about social/impact entrepreneurship in several cities in Croatia and the region for this autumn. At this moment we can announce events in Rijeka (OKC Palach, 6.9.2018, 18h, link), Pula (Community Center Rojc, 7.9.2018, 19h; link) and Varaždin (Medina Škrinja Pub, 11.9.2018, 18h; link).

“Punk Entrepreneurs” is the first Croatian book on social entrepreneurship and the struggle for a human economy, which former activists have successfully run in the north of Croatia for 15 years. The story is about two young men who, together with their friends and associates, launched tens of initiatives, conducted programs and projects that involved over 100.000 users and established various social enterprises that work successfully today.

The story brings a series of events that were not supposed to happen, but which authentically and openly talk about mistakes that may come in business, especially management. The story also brings successful moments of pride, and all together it provides many lessons to the reader. “Punk Entrepreneurs” is a book about entrepreneurship written in literary style, fun, sincere, and above all instructive, and encompasses the establishment and management of various forms of enterprises that have a strong social impact.

You can get it in all better bookstores in Croatia, order on their web shops (soon on Amazon too!) or directly from us at http://knjiga.act-grupa.hr/. The book is in Croatian language.