Results of the second call “Start Something of Your Own”

The winners of the second call of “Start something of Your Own“, our support program for entrepreneurial projects in Croatia, were announced and presented to public during the press conference held in Zagreb earlier today.
The top seven projects selected among hundreds submitted application, which will, in addition to financial support, receive continuous consultative business support for the development of their projects over the next six months are:

  • Brlog Cooperative Brewery (Zadar)
    The Zadar brewery Brlog, the first cooperative brewery in Croatia, markets high quality, naturally brewed beer Plavuša. The project will enable increased production capacity and energy efficiency of brewery, technology development and greater product quality. It will also affect the stability of business, new employment and strengthening the brand in front of growing competition.
  • OmoLab – Craft for Visual Communication (Split)
    Within our cultural circle, all children’s studies are based on experiential metaphors or methods that do not match the cognitive style of dyslexic children. As manifestations of dyslexia are exceptionally individual and have a broad spectrum, OmoLab develops communication tools of a unique visual language that can be adapted to the specific needs of users.
  • K-zona – Gender and Media Culture (Zagreb)
    Looking how to present the achievements of women in an interesting way for the broad public, the K-Zone Association has developed, in cooperation with 8 local artists, a fun, dynamic and educational social game for 2-5 players ideal for playing in a family or friendly circle. The goal of social game Fierce Women break gender stereotypes and prejudices about the abilities, interests and achievements of women and make their work visible by empowering such new generations of fierce women.
  • Croatian Scout Association (Zagreb)
    The Internet platform GoScouting Croatia will help revitalize the unused public land in Croatia for scouts and young people from Croatia and the world. The platform represents an innovative approach to expanding tourism in Croatia by combining several elements into a functional whole: youth, travel, nature, local community, volunteering, culture and international connectivity.
  • Vilko Klein (Zagreb)
    StratoWave solutions connect drones and other facilities, and enable high-speed and distant data transfer to users outside urban areas unconnected with publicly available wireless telecommunication infrastructure. Competitive pricing will enable lower budget users to benefit from new technologies, thus opening up new markets and jobs, creating savings and increasing profits and/or cheap products and services. It will also empower civilian monitoring, search and rescue capabilities in emergencies and crisis.
  • Vollo tehnologije d.o.o. (Zagreb)
    Vollo is a platform for easy travel planning, transparent price and service comparison, and fast and secure shopping of ticket stores. The project will provide a greater number of service users, as well as better and more healthy competition among carriers. It will stimulate the setting of higher living standards for the local population as well as leave a quality image for tourists as a modern and well-deserved destination with its accompanying digital infrastructure.
  • Green Energy Cooperative (Zagreb)
    Kvartfunding is an online platform for group investment in renewable energy sources that, along with other innovative investment models, is developed by the Green Energy Cooperative. By supporting the projects on the platform, citizens will contribute to the development of their local community through cost-effective investments, become active participants in the green energy transition, and to contribute to the creation of renewable, sustainable and green Croatia for all future generations.

“Again, in the second year of implementation of the program, we have got a very impressive response, not only according to the number of applications, but also because the submitted projects are well designed and elaborated. It was even more difficult to choose the best ones this year, which only tells us that there is an outstanding entrepreneurial potential in our midst, in which strong will, excellent ideas and enthusiasm are not really missing, “said Teo Petričević, ACT Group’s Director.

The competition was open on October 24, 2o17 and by the end of call 316 applications from all over Croatia were received. 20 projects were selected for the second round by the expert commission. The selected projects, the finalists of the competition, were distinguished by the innovation they bring, the social impact the project will have and the potential for growth and sustainability of the project idea.

“From the beginning and the development of the concept of this program, we were oriented towards its long-term and the creation of a concrete measurable difference for a single economic branch in Croatia in need of structured support. We are proud that during the second year of the program we see the presence of a large and high quality response, but also the real impact that this program enables, “added Stanko Kršlović, Head of Corporate Affairs of Philip Morris Zagreb d.o.o. which finances the program.

Total value of the financial support is 536,295.00 Kn and the selected projects will be financed up to a maximum amount of 80,000.00 Kn.