SROI Practitioner Training held in Zagreb

Following the success of our February 2018 Social Return on Investment (SROI) Methodology Workshop – where our attendees got introduced to SROI methodology for assessing social impact, the first regional training for SROI Practitioners was held this week.

We organized a two-day SROI Practitioner Training, in cooperation with Social Value International, a network that we are member off. Training was led by Dr. Adam Richards of Social Value UK. The aim of the training was to increase the knowledge and to teach the participants to use the tools to measure and maximize the social impact of their activities.

the most wide spread, well established, framework for assessing social impact. It enables us to measure the amount of social value created, from the input resources (capital, time, infrastructure etc.), during the project duration. SROI focuses on key stakeholders and the change affected upon them as a result of interventions or implementation of specified activities. The created change (social, environmental and economic outcomes) is represented in attributed monetary value, thus enabling us to calculate the SROI ratio. From the calculated ratio we learn how much EUR was made for the society for each 1 EUR of initial investment.

On the first day of training, participants were step by step breakdown of the SROI methodology for measuring social impact. The training will be applied knowledge based, meaning the lectures will connect the theoretical knowledge to the real issues of attendees’ projects (as opposed to the usual case studies approach). The attendees will be given self-assessment tools and access to Global Value Exchange system. In the final objective of the day the attendees will learn Mapping Outcomes.

The second day of the training was all in deepening the understanding of the SROI methodology and practices; including the techniques of: evidencing outcomes and attributing value to the same; establishing impact; calculating the SROI; reporting, using and embedding.

The training was led by Dr. Adam Richards, SROI consultant and practitioner, Senior Researcher for Social Value UK and Social Value International, and member of permanent faculty at University of York.

Social Value International is currently the only organization offering the certificate for SROI practitioners worldwide. The above described two-day workshop is the first requirement in admittance to SROI practitioner certification process. Within this admittance process the applicants need to fill out the minimum requirement of one SROI report which then needs to be submitted to Social Values International for verification.

All certified SORI practitioners are featured on the Social Value International member directory through which they can be offered contract engagements.

ACT Group for its member organizations and other clients (civil society organizations, social enterprises, startups …) provides a service of social impact measurement. If you want to know more or want to have a certified report on the social impact of your activities, request a meeting.