BuySocial Europe B2B

Scaling Up Buy Social B2B Markets across Europe

SMP/COSME -Innovation Ecosystems, SMP-Entrepreneurship and Consumers

Financed by:
European Union and SAP

Lead partner:
Euclid Network

Euclid Network, AKEP, SEAL, ACT Grupa, HU SE, Lisva, SERI,  Fund2740, ESLIDER, BCause, Mouvement Impact France, Stichting Social Enterprise Netherlands, Yanus social business funds,  Reach for Change Foundation, SEND, SEUK, SEWF, Social procurement pledge, SENS, Smart Kolektiv, SIF.

Total support from EU:

324.573,37 €

1.5.2023. – 31.10.2024.


Social entrepreneurship is a driving force for sustainable business practices. Yet, mainstream enterprises (ME) often face barriers in sourcing from social enterprises (SE). This project expands the Buy Social movement in order to increase social procurement levels across Europe. Our consortium includes the local, regional and national organisations with the highest potential to implement successful Buy Social strategies together with, and thanks to, pioneers and leading international best practice players. The project’s concept revolves around a strong transnational dimension, on top of an equally strong local/national focus.This is to ensure high scalability of the results in the 16 countries involved: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, and The Netherlands.The consortium’s set-up has been conceived to ensure efficiency both in terms of time and costs, and various levels of implementation are therefore envisaged: a core group, national SE support organisations (Euclid Network members), best practice partners that are international leaders and dissemination multipliers.Our project and consortium will target 1)ME in order to help them engage concretely and durably with SE suppliers, 2)SEs in a way that can increase their revenues through trade/scale their activities through partnerships with MEs, 3)intermediaries so as to allow them to better advocate, match-make and build capacity. Partners will also be able to build evidence to convince more policy makers, funders and investors to make long-term strategic investments in the arena.Concretely, the project will 1)generate visibility and mutual understanding through campaigns and best practice sharing, 2)improve access to funding by de-risking investment through supplier identification and match-making, 3)build capacity to support SE/ME and intermediaries to become Buy Social B2B trade-ready.

Access to B2B markets for Social enterprises across Europe
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