Revitalizing EU Long Established Social Economy Organizations

Building capacities of the longer-established social economy organizations.

KA220 – Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices

Financed by:
European Union through Programa Erasmus+

Lead partner:
The Weel (Ireland)


ACT Grupa; SkillsZone (Malta), Knowl social enterprise for lifelong learning (Greece), Dublin City University (Ireland),  SYNTHESIS (Cyprus), Social Innovation Center (Latvia) 

Total support from Erasmus+:

306.471,00 €

1.2.2022. – 31.12.2024.


Social entrepreneurship, enterprise, and innovation became a key priority for many funders, including the EU, in the last 10 – 15 years. RevitaLese EU project will address an identified gap in the training offerings available to social economy organisations which will include ongoing support beyond the start-up phase.

The project will support longer-established social economy (LESE) organisations to be more impactful and adapt their business models to be more effective by helping them to adapt to a greener, more digital business ecosystem and lead the way in driving a sustainable economic model that works for people and the planet. 

Main results: Results will include training modules, impact and sustainability report and a RevitaLESE EU network and hub .
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